Software Design, Development and Data Analytics


As the trusted development and integration services provider for the critical Fee Processing Next Generation effort, we've been awarded over 40 task orders under multiple BPAs.


We led user experience design during the redesign of the core business systems that support patent examination. We helped the USPTO reduce time to first action from 2 years to 10 months and total action time from as much as 5 years to just 20 months.   


We helped the USPTO combine the functionality of seven legacy systems and display pertinent information to examiners, judges, paralegals, and administrative support with greater functionality and flexibility than ever before. 

FEMA LogHouse

We defined requirements and helped develop the solution architecture for a life cycle management tool for FEMA's portable housing units. We used advanced techniques including user research, contextual field studies, ethnographic studies, and rapid prototyping. 


We supported INSCOM Futures Directorate in developing large-scale data management and integration services. We led development for the Unified Cloud Data-model (UCD) initiative of the INSCOM Futures "Red Disk" software distribution system.  


We're leading efforts to enhance the Army’s ability to work with distributed team members to conduct mission planning through collaborative data sharing using a map interface.

Microsoft R&D

We used advanced data analytics to combat fraud and phishing. We created scalable solutions using Miscrosoft Azure cloud platform and AI. Four of our solutions were released as Microsoft products. 

Crew Atlas

An ATS created SaaS product, Crew Atlas increases operational performance by optimizing the training process and enabling personnel to concentrate on crew performance improvement, as opposed to administration. After implementation of Crew Atlas, on average, crew drill and exercise performance success exceeds 97%; well above the industry standard. 

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Boewe Consulting, LLC

We're revolutionizing core business processes through software engineering and business process re-engineering for biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry leaders.  

Integrated Logistics Support

NSWC Crane GXR Support

For years we've provided a variety of technical services including:   

Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) development and review; quality and safety test and repair; development of test procedures and documentation; maintenance, repair and fabrication of test sets, test cables, test fixtures, and altitude chamber; repair parts inventory management and documentation using the parts management database; management of procurement processes; and, program management. 

CVN Logistics Support

For decades, we provided integrated logistics support as the west coast Aircraft Launch and Recovery Equipment (ALRE) Assessment; Combat Systems, Command, Control, Communications and Computer Readiness Assessment (C5RA) team; and the Maintenance Support Center (MSC) training and assessment team. 

NSWC Crane MEW Support

We provided various ILS support services and during this were chosen to be the configuration management lead for AN/SLQ-32(V)6.

Maintenance and Supportability Analysis Tool

Using ATS patented technology, we created a true integrated data analysis tool to help reduce weapons system down time, lower operational costs, and increase operational availability.  

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NSWC Crane Common Digital Sensor Architecture

We used model-based systems engineering to develop a data-driven performance-based approach to weapons systems acquisition and sustainment. We prototyped over 25 tools to increase operational availability and lower costs.