Maintenance and Supportability Analysis Tool (MSAT)


MSAT is a true Integrated Data Environment (IDE) that provides the means to directly control, manage and deliver critical logistics support requirements directly to users. MSAT can help you deliver increased readiness that reduces system down time, lowers operational costs and increases Ao. MSAT provides: 

  • Acquisition Support Analysis
  • Maintenance/Supportability Analysis
  • Maintenance Failure Root Cause Analysis
  • Part Support Optimization
  • Technical Data Quality Assurance
  • Engineering, Maintenance and Logistic Data integration 


  • System Performance Summary including a heat map with visual indication of all trouble areas.
  • The Ao Calculator demonstrates where your support efforts can drive the best return on your investment.
  • Maintenance Analysis in context with system configuration, engineering design and logistics support data to determine what’s failing, how often and what logistics support was required to restore system functionality.


  • Parts Support - Most system failures are fixed by removing and replacing a failed part. The ability to quickly identify and obtain parts from onboard spares is the most critical factor in sustained operational availability. With MSAT, we can quickly correlate failure data with onboard repair parts support data. Use MSAT to identify and mitigate parts support that does not meet maintenance requirements.
  • Requisition Analysis report quickly shows where part demands are and how to best prepare for future deployments.


  • Technical Data Quality Assurance – See where engineering CAD data that is used to design and build a system matches with the Technical Manual that is used to support the system. Go a step further, and validate all logistics support data to make sure it matches and supports both engineering and technical manual data. 
  • Search, Find and Trace any part in your system. Find where that same part is used throughout your system. Navigate to higher and lower assemblies from any part.