The CrewAtlas Electronic Crew Notebook reduces costs by helping you understand where your training efforts are needed most — improving crew performance and performance standards for operational excellence.

Monitor, Measure, Manage, IMPROVE


Comprehensive Evaluation Criteria

  • Metrics driven by the INPO Operator Fundamentals classified into sub-categories, effectively automating the INPO Objective 1.7 binder.
  • Evaluated and Training Simulator Scenarios — Captures plus/delta comments in order to establish trends.
  • Written exam performance displayed alongside simulator and in-plant performance.
  • Job Performance Measures (JPM) Entry — Assesses JPM performance as it relates to an operator, a group, and/or a crew.operator performance. 


Reporting for All Levels of Management

  • High-level views developed for a Shift Manager to view an individual crew, an Operations Director to view an entire site population, or a Fleet Director to assess crew health across an entire fleet.
  • Interactive reporting provides instructors with an on demand, current view of operator progress, action plans, and operator fundamental metrics, eliminating administrative delay time.
  • Quickly and easily analyze your crew's performance from a variety of perspectives, while improving your training team's ability to deliver a highly qualified, ready crew that improves plant performance.


Crew Critique Facilitates the Crew Critique Process

  • Emergency Action Level (EAL) Workbooks help instructors easily assess knowledge, scrub E-Plan procedures and bases, and focuses future training efforts.
  • Tracking over time helps instructors identify trends for targeting areas for additional training.
  • Fully grade and generate documentation for any session at the push of a button.
  • Build scenarios, track performance comments, and standardize the crew critique process.
  • Track in-plant performance and compare alongside simulator performance.

CrewAtlas Breaks the IT Barrier

The CrewAtlas delivery model frees both you and your IT group from many of the common obstacles associated with software procurement and ownership.

IT Case Study

A Faster Path to Risk Mitigation and Compliance

An automated, real-time view into crew performance not only improves your ability to identify problems, but increases the  velocity with which those problems can be corrected.

Risk Mitigation Case Study

What You Don't Know Can Cost You

With costs estimated at $500,000, it is expensive to matriculate an operator candidate through initial license training and that is if the candidate succeeds in the first pass.

Cost Avoidance Case Study